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My Journey...

... I remember the day when I crossed the border of Canada. Everything looked so vast and strange. My husband assured me that I would like Canada, but as time passed, I still could not adapt.


Many people consider moving abroad as something amazingly beautiful. We see ourselves as if we in a movie... but the reality is very harsh to digest!


To go through immigration, especially if you came with your family, this is how to go through the fire, water, and copper pipes, but all together and at once. When I arrived in Canada, I realized that my teacher diploma is not needed and that I need to get another profession. My husband always said that I am great with people and that I will be a great social worker. Three years later, I graduated from Seneca College, Social Service Worker Program. Today, I can proudly say that I have been working in a helping profession for the past eight years.

I travelled a lot before my permanent move to Canada. Moving to the USA was a big thing for me…but the biggest "thing" was the size of the produce! I also could not understand why the strawberries in the winter cost the same as in the summer? I questioned all of these “funny” words on the packaging like “homogenized milk”? What does it mean? What is the difference between “artificial” and “natural flavour” and what the word “flavour” mean? Slowly, we transformed from “I do not care what is that” into the mindfulness consumption of goods. I’ve learned a lot…everything that I could…from nutrition to homeopathy. The situation became even worse when I became a mother…because I do not want my child to go to McDonald's and have a “Happy Meal” and then for a desert to have colourful candies with unknown ingredients that you cannot even pronounce. Knowledge is the key, especially if you decided to become a parent. And as a parent, I do not shift my responsibility to keep my child and my family healthy. We started small, like replacing dairy produce and meat first. Тen years later, I know how to not overspent on so-called “organic” and how to outsource the best goods for your money!    


Why did I decide to became an Aromatherapist?


I had a tough time in my life where I struggled with the yeast infection. It was not a regular struggle…My whole body was infected with this “parasite”. I knew that conventional medicine wouldn’t help because I already tried every possible medication that made the symptoms even worse. Along with traditional trials, I did all kinds of diets, cleaning protocols, detoxes, herbs, medicinal tinctures, homeopathy – and guess what? I was 2-3 days candida free, and then all of the symptoms were coming back. Yeast infection is not just a symptom at your VG; it is a symptom that drives crazy your mind! The level of uncontrolled anger is 10 out of 5-point scale. You continuously have sugar cravings, mood swings, anxiety, anger, and all at the same time! It sounds unrealistic, but that what you can get if the yeast is out of control. 

One day, one of my friends gave me a link to the basic course about essential oils from Dr. Eric Zielinski saying that I mentioned to her a while ago that I want to learn about essential oils MORE. I finished the course, and I like it, because along with other great information, finally, I was able to find information about my condition. It was not just a course; it was another hope that with everything I know, I will be able to fight the beast!

After one week, I received significant relief from the symptoms, and after three months, I was yeast infection-free. It was not just essential oils; of course, I followed particular diet protocol, cleansing protocol, but first time for many months, I knew, my lovely “yeast” won’t come back! I was so fascinated about the power of essential oils, that I decided to join the professional school of aromatherapy.




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